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  • Murphy wins frosty Deery race at Davenport

  • With the temperature dipping into the low 40’s by night’s end, the stock car racing was red hot at the Davenport Speedway Friday night. When the final checkered flag had flown, Colona, Illinois’ Mike Murphy Jr., was the racer in victory lane.

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  • With the temperature dipping into the low 40’s by night’s end, the stock car racing was red hot at the Davenport Speedway Friday night. When the final checkered flag had flown, Colona, Illinois’ Mike Murphy Jr., was the racer in victory lane.
    Despite the chilly weather, forty IMCA Late Models were on hand for the Deery Brothers Summer Series event on the Davenport quarter-mile, dirt oval.
    Murphy started on the outside pole, blasted away from the pack, and led all forty laps of the Deery feature. After a lap four caution which bunched the field up to his bumper, Murphy would again put distance between himself and the field . For Murphy, the win was his second in three Deery series races in 2012.
    Justin Kay started sixth and slowly made his way up to second, where he would finish. Denny Eckrich fought his from the eleventh starting position, to third, finishing more than a straightaway behind the winner. Dan Shelliam started on the pole and fell back to fifth, before overtaking Andy Eckrich late in the race for fourth. Andy Eckrich and Mark Burgtorf rounded out the top six.
    IMCA Late Model heat race wins went to Murphy, Kay, Tom Darbyshire, and Charlie McKenna. Burgtorf and Bryan Klein won the B-Mains.
    Jake Waterman blistered the field in the IMCA Modified main. Waterman launched into the lead early on and was never challenged. Jake Bowman made his way through the pack and with a late surge, scored a second place finish. Ray Cox Jr. was in the top three all race long, finishing third. Casey Voss and Brian Webb were both involved in early race cautions and a final turn tussle, before finishing fourth and fifth respectively.
    Jeremy Marquette paid another visit to victory lane in the Street Stock feature. Marquette used a lap 6 restart to get by early race leader Emily Gade. Once in the lead Jeremy would cruise to an easy win. Gade would finish a strong second, with Kevin Dickey, Cary Brown, and Chris Lawrence rounding out the top five.
    Mitch Bielenberg used lapped car as a pick, to take the lead of the 4-Stock feature. The move allowed Mitch to go from third to first in one lap, for the win. Andy Wagener, had led most of the race, but would have to settle for the runner-up finish. Ross Neal took third.
    Next Friday, April 27th, will be Koehler Electric Season Opener night at the Davenport Speedway.
    Davenport Speedway
    April 20, 2012
    Results –
    Deery Brothers Summer Series for IMCA Late Models
    Heat 1: 1. Tom Darbyshire; 2. Nate Buesling; 3. Dan Shelliam; 4. Chad Patch; 5. Gary Webb;
    Heat 2: 1. Charlie McKenna; 2. Denny Eckrich; 3. Mike Zemo Jr.; 4. Joel Callahan;5. Bryan Klein;
    Heat 3: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Joe Zrostlik; 3. Jay Johnson; 4. Mark Burgtorf; 5. Tom Goble;
    Page 2 of 2 - Heat 4: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Andy Eckrich; 3. Darrell DeFrance; 4. Matt Strasshiem;5. Tyler Bruening
    B-Main #1: 1. Bryan Klein; 2. Joel Callahan; 3. Chad Patch; 4. Gary Webb; 5. Mike Garland
    B-Main #2: 1. Mark Burgtorf; 2. Jeff Aikey; 3. Matt Strasshiem; 4. Colby Springsteen; 5. Tyler Bruening;
    Feature: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Denny Eckrich; 4. Dan Shelliam; 5. Andy Eckrich; 6. Mark Burgtorf; 7. Nate Buesling; 8. Jay Johnson; 9. Jeff Aikey; 10. Darrell DeFrance; 11. Colby Springsteen; 12. Mike Garland; 13. Joel Callahan; 14. Tyler Bruening; 15. Mike Zemo Jr.; 16. Matt Strasshiem; 17. Chad Patch; 18. Bryan Klein; 19. Tommy Elston; 20. Gary Webb; 21. Tom Darbyshire; 22. Luke Goedert; 23. Joe Zrostlik; 24. Charlie McKenna;
    IMCA Modifieds
    Heat 1: 1. Jake Waterman; 2. Matt Stein; 3. Brian Webb; 4. Greg Wilson; 5. Ray Cox Jr.;
    Heat 2: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Casey Voss; 3. Tim Arp; 4. Todd Dykema; 5. Drew Otten;
    Feature: 1. Jake Waterman; 2. Jake Bowman; 3. Ray Cox Jr.; 4. Casey Voss; 5. Brian Webb; 6. Matt Stein; 7. Mitch Morris; 8. Todd Dykema; 9. Tim Arp; 10. Keith Haislip; 11. David Imming; 12. Drew Otten; 13. Thad Wilson; 14. Brad Tyler; 15. Greg Wilson;
    Street Stocks
    Heat 1: 1. Cary Brown; 2. Chris Lawrence; 3. Kevin Dickey; 4. Jeremy Gustaf; 5. Emily Gade;
    Feature: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Emily Gade; 3. Kevin Dickey; 4. Cary Brown; 5. Chris Lawrence; 6. Josh Starr; 7. Erick Turner; 8. Jeremy Gustaf;
    Heat 1: 1. Ross Neal; 2. Tristin Clark; 3. Kyle Rhoads; 4. Eric Stogdell; 5. Steve Boyle;
    Heat 2: 1. Mitch Bielenberg; 2. Andy Wagener; 3. Mike Barten; 4. Nick Bennett; 5. Brent Bonney;
    Feature: 1. Mitch Bielenberg; 2. Andy Wagener; 3. Ross Neal; 4. Ricky Kay; 5. Mike Barten; 6. Steve Boyle; 7. Tristin Clark; 8. Brent Bonney; 9. Gage Neal; 10. Loy Andrew; 11. Eric Hood; 12. Dennis Farrell; 13. Nick Bennett; 14. James Parr; 15. Kyle Rhoads; 16. Eric Stogdell;
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