The Franklin Hospital Auxiliary’s first-ever Tree of Life Campaign kicked off on Oct.1. The Tree of Life campaign has been well received by the Franklin County community. A list of the donors who have contributed donations in memorial or in honor of a family member, friend, neighbor, or organization is included. Each light on the tree represents a donation and the tree was lit on Nov. 1. The Fat Albert blue spruce tree is located in the front of the hospital and will be lighted every night from dusk until dawn. The tree was chosen due to its appropriate size for the hospital setting due to the flight issues for the emergency helicopters. The blue spruce was planted this year and will grow as the campaign continues over the years. The Franklin Hospital Auxiliary started more than 55 years ago after the hospital was built and opened in Benton. The auxiliary has always and will continue to be an integral part of the hospital. The auxiliary bestows several scholarships annually to healthcare students in Franklin County as well as helping in the hospital at the front desk, same day surgery, and any other area as needed. The landscaping, and holiday and seasonal decorations are all maintained by the auxiliary. They also help to buy needed medical equipment for various hospital departments. The tree of life campaign will continue all year round and donations will be accepted at any time. A grand total of $4,659 has been collected to date. The purpose of the tree of life campaign has been designated this year to help maintain and/or improve health services the hospital can offer you and your family when needed. No contribution is too small. Anyone wanting to receive a donation packet can call the hospital at 439-3161, ext. 357, contact any auxiliary member, or stop by the hospital and pick up a packet in the hospital lobby. The latest list of donors includes: • Carolyn Johnson, who made memorial contributions on behalf of Melvin James Holmes, Rick Johnson, Mike Wyant, and Bill and Delores Wyant. • Kate Tittle in memory of Margaret Tittle. • Victoria Minor in memory of Scott Keene and Sam Keene. • Cindy Lampley in memory of Lewis and Peggy Hackleman. • Janet Rone in memory of Amy Lynne Rone. • Tom and Sandy Vaughn in memory of Ellen Sawyer and Eloise Delap. • Dr. Saeed A. and Mrs. Rizwana Khan in honor of the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Terry and Mary Lou Thomas in memory of Troy Chance, and Hazel and Frank Thomas. • Cecelia Beck in memory of Alberta Martin and in honor of Viola and Cecil Bond. • The Hermann family in memory of Joseph Honeck. • Glenda Downs in memory of Loy Downs. • Bill and Wanda Walton in memory of Albert and Mattalou Walton. • Margaret Johnson in honor of Charles Bard Johnson. • Hervey and Sharon Davis in memory of Myrtle Starr. • Suzanne Baker in memory of Dr. and Mrs. W.L. George. • Pat Hollada in memory of Elizabeth Hollada. • Charles and Pat Towle contributed a memorial for loved ones. • Jeana Lee Rogers in memory of Paul Rogers. • Kirby and Carmen Browning in memory of Gordon Smith. • Virginia Carroll in memory of William H. Carroll. • Howard Payne in memory of Helene Payne. • Charles and Joy Cash in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Taylor. • Maxine Kimmel in memory of Maurice and Minnie Pinazzi, and Lasley Kimmel. • Steven and Sue Woodfin in honor of all parents. • Drew and Drew Attorneys at Law in honor of John D. Drew. • Wilson Insurance donated in honor of Terry and John Wilson. • Benton Rotary Club and First Baptist Church of Benton, donations to the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Ken and Rita Doty, Suldorson, Inc. (Subway), State Bank of Whittington and Margot McAfoos in honor of the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Maxine Kimmel in honor of Rizwana Khan. • Kyle Childers in honor of Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Judith Biggs in memory of Elizabeth Baley. • Shirley Grammar in memory of Paul Grammar. • S.C.D. Rea & Sons in honor of the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • The family in memory of Larry K. Durham and Matthew Durham. • Shirley L. York in memory of Pat Jones. • Nancy Hobbs in memory of Betty Beard. • Carla Crisp in honor of the wonderful nurses of Franklin Hospital. • Vickie and Bob Blake in honor of Fred and Golda Tinker, and in memory of Richard Blake. • Arlene Wilburn in memory of Ray Wilburn. • John and Mary Aiken in memory of Mary Charles Rea, and in honor of Fern Aiken Hudson. • E.R. Brown in memory of Warren Brown. • Kim Followell and John D. Coe, M.D., in honor of the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Peggy, Robert and Amberly Page in memory of Jason Page. • Amberly Page in memory of Jason Page. • Ruby Maxine Armes and Grandma Tucker in memory of Jason Page. • Peggy, Robert and Amberly Page in memory of Evelyn Page. • Thomas and Pam Appleton in honor of Moose, and in memory of Henry Appleton and Ferol Appleton. • Dana Communication Corp. in honor of the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • First Church of God-Benton donation to the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Gib and Betty Phillips in memory of Juel Loften, and Erne and Sybel Phillips. • Hart and Hart, Attorneys at Law, donation to the Franklin Hospital Auxiliary. • Carl and Beverly Smith in honor of their families. • Paula Riva in memory of loved ones. • Ayten Williamson Welch in memory of Nezia Williamson.