The West Frankfort Ministerial Association and president Wayne Gardner is inviting believers to help carry Jesus’ burden Friday, much like he did to Calvary many years ago.

As Holy Week began for Christians, the Ministerial Association is preparing for the Good Friday Cross Carry.

Believers will be commemorating the passion and way of sorrows of Jesus by walking down Main Street in West Frankfort carrying a 12-foot cedar cross, the same instrument of execution carried through the streets of Jerusalem.

The annual Good Friday Cross Carry event will meet at the parking lot across from Frankfort Community High School at  9 a.m. The entire community as well as Christians from all denominations and ages are invited to help carry the cross west on Main Street to Dixie Cream Donuts/Block and Barrel where they will commence a short worship service on the lawn that will include prayer and songs of praise, said event publicist Sarah Jane Alexander.

From there, participants will carry the cross back to the starting point. The association said that people can join at any point along the way, if they don’t want to walk the entire distance.

Each year finds a growing number of participants.

Last year, more than 100 people helped carry the cross.

If kids or adults are not strong enough, but want to carry it, then there will be other adults to help assist them.

According to Alexander, the experience is one in which the weight of the cross is a meaningful experience for all.

“It also is really neat to see people of different faiths come together for this experience,” she said. “Come with your love of Jesus as you walk in his footsteps.

“It has been a real blessing to be involved with the cross carry,” Alexander said. “When you are under the weight of the cross, it is very emotional. Our hope is to get more people from all churches involved.”