People often ask me what I do with my summer off.

People often ask me what I do with my summer off. I actually do numerous things, none of which are very exciting, but they please me and occupy my time.

The first couple days off I just try to relax and honestly don’t do much. I typically go to the gym everyday early in the morning. That alone time helps me to focus my thoughts for the rest of the day. When I am at home I get caught up on chores and make a list of home improvements I’d like to get accomplished while I am off. This summer I intend to paint the living room and I am going to make some new curtains.

Starting next week I will be planting flowers and weeding the flower beds. My rose bush actually ate the trellis it was tied to, swallowed it whole, and will have to be cut out. I also need to plant the window boxes. I love to come home to a fresh neat little house. Last summer I worked on my own yard and also volunteered time to Wabash Christian Retirement Center planting flowers there as well. It was a rewarding experience.

Every summer I clean out my hobby/sewing room. I finish old projects, start new ones, and list any unwanted patterns on the internet for sale. I sew all summer long, making Christmas gifts and also items for my online stores. I love to scrapbook and being off allows me the necessary time to complete the holiday pages that I have missed.

I spend a couple days a week in Benton with my folks. I help them with their chores and stay with my Father a lot while my Mother runs errands. We have numerous family get-togethers and cook outs. I also go to Rend Lake to Sandusky beach a couple times a month or more. I pack up my old blue lounge chair, “big blue”, and set it up out in the water. Spending time at the beach soothes me. I get caught up with friends I went to high school with and we hang out and chat.

When I am not cleaning, organizing, sewing, or painting, then I am already thinking about August and what I need to do before school starts. Once I get my own personal agenda accomplished then I can free my mind and start thinking about work. Summer goes by quickly and it takes the time that we have off to prepare for the next school year and get ready for whatever is coming. All in all, I stay busy and happy, in the few weeks available.