There I was in downtown Harrisburg on one of those rainy days that found me feeling my years and then some, when I ran into a high school classmate from the class of 61. She lifted my mood by saying, “You’ve hardly changed since high school.”    “My goodness,” I said, “we graduated some fifty-two years ago and for you to say what you just did puzzles me to no end. I’ve changed a lot. Just ask my back and left shoulder.”   “I only report what I see,” she said.   I didn’t care if she was lying or not. Her words literally changed the tone of my day. (I had been hearing oboes; suddenly I was hearing clarinets.)   A few words did the trick. Wasn’t that amazing? I would have complimented somebody myself yesterday but likely wouldn’t have been heard anyway, it was raining so hard.   Besides, I needed to get back home.