Stop the presses!!!   The response to “If Seeing a Dragon Slayer, Please Seek Elsewhere, Part I” has been astonishing, mind-numbing, over the top. After months of my gifting the viewing public with sunrises and sunsets and other inspiring scenery and hearing nothing in return, a message finally arrived:   Dear In Womble’s Blue Shadow:   In the future, please stick to photographs and text having to do with sunrises and sunsets and the like. They are pleasant and do not cause nightmares. That unspeakable Tomato Worm/Dragon, on the other hand, is simply beyond the pale. Not only is it repulsive to the eye, it appears highly dangerous. Cease and desist from every again presenting such a monstrosity or henceforth In Womble’s Blue Shadow will go straight to the top of my Do Not View and Read list.   A Former Fan (name omitted)   It took every once of restraint not to reply as follows:   Dear (name omitted):   You thoughtful comments are appreciated and taken to heart. However, I do wish to inform you that unless one happens to be a tomato, tomato worms present no danger whatsoever. Despite their fearsome teeth and overall outward repulsiveness, they appear to be placid creatures for the most part and, yes, to some eyes at least, even beautiful.   Furthermore, since we are on the subject of danger, please allow me to mention in passing that looking at a rising or setting sun is far more dangerous than observing a tomato worm.   With Deepest Appreciation,   In Womble’s Blue Shadow   For fear of giving offense, I elected not to mail my response. Instead, I’m sharing it with those of you who still read and/or view In Womble’s Blue Shadow.