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SummerSlam 2013: YEESSSSS!!!!......NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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Outside the Staples Center

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

By Chad Smart

@chadsmart & @my123cents on Twitter

For the fifth straight year,

WWEís ďbiggest show of the summerĒ SummerSlam was held at the Staples Center in

Los Angeles. For the second year in a row, I attended the show.  When tickets went on sale back in February/March,

I was preparing for the annual My123Cents Wrestlemania trip and wasnít really

that excited about what was going on in the WWE Universe so I opted not to get

a ticket to SummerSlam. Over the last six weeks, WWE went and did something I

wasnít expecting. They made SummerSlam feel like a must see show.  

After spending a week trying to find a

reasonably priced ticket on one of the secondary ticket selling websites, I

lucked out and logged into the Staples Center website shortly after they

released a few more tickets for the show on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately it

meant I was paying even more than what I had wanted to pay because the seat was

fifth row on the floor and that fell within the premium seating section. It did

mean I was going to get a collectable chair though, so that was a plus. <>

Iím not going to do a match-by-match

review of the show as Iím guessing most people reading this are aware of the

results. In case you donít know what happened, hereís a quick rundown of the

show. <>

Bray Wyatt defeated Kane in a Ring of Fire match.<>

Cody Rhodes defeated Damian Sandow<>

Alberto Del Rio retained the World Title over


Natalya Neidhart defeated Brie Bella<>

Brock Lesnar emerged victorious against CM Punk<>

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn defeated Big E. Langston and


Daniel Bryan won the WWE Title from John Cena<>

Randy Orton cashed in the

Money in the Bank briefcase and defeated Daniel Bryan to walk out of SummerSlam

as WWE Champion. <>

Nice sign, but in the way

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

Before I get into my

thoughts on the show itself, I need to rant a bit about fan behavior.  As I mentioned, I was sitting fifth row

on the floor. Normally I donít like to sit on the floor and the fifth row is my

cutoff point for floor seating. Based on past experiences, anything behind the

fifth row and you wind up looking at the back of heads more than in-ring

action.  At several points during

SummerSlam, everyone would stand up during matches. Usually it was when action

spilled to the outside of the ring or during sequences that could have

logically led to the end of the match. 

After about 30 seconds of people standing, two guys somewhere behind me

would shout, ďsit down.Ē  <>

I had recently read a few

online articles and some message board postings about standing vs. staying

seated at concerts. My feeling on the subject is the same for wrestling shows;

youíre there to have a good time and to get into the show. If thereís nothing-exceptional

going on then stay seated. If the action is intense and emotionally captivating

then stand up, cheer, and show the wrestlers you care about whatís happening.

If you normally donít stand up during shows and/or donít like it when people

stand then donít buy a seat on the floor. Buy seats in the stands so you can

see over the people who are enjoying the show.  <>

While I wonít condemn fans

for enjoying themselves at shows, I will criticize fans that bring signs and

feel the need to hold them up for an entire show. I was seated behind a guy who

had the clever idea to write ďMarry Me BellasĒ on a piece of poster board. I

would say on average at least 10 seconds out of every 90 seconds he would hold

the sign up. The average was more frequent whenever he would catch a glimpse of

our section on the TitanTron. 

Whenever he held up his sign, all I could see was a piece of white

paper. I tolerated if for the first half of the show. After the Nattie/Brie

Bella match, I could see him getting ready to hold it up after the video hyping

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar was over. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he

could lay off holding the sign up as much. He asked if he wasnít holding it

high enough and I told him he was blocking my view. He looked upset not because

he was ruining the show for someone else, but because someone was ruining his

right to hold up a sign.  Had his

sign been relevant to the match inside the ring, I would have reacted

differently. Or if he would have held the sign up only at the beginning of the

match and then waited until the next match started to hold it up again.  I have nothing against signs. I have

taken signs to shows before but Iíve always been conscious of my surroundings

and tried to not ruin other fans experience. If you take a sign, be aware that

youíre not the only person in the arena. Donít be a jerk. <>

My last rant has to do with

fans behavior during certain matches. 

I was at RAW the night after Wrestlemania 29 and experienced one of the

most vocal crowds in recent times. During a match between Sheamus and Randy

Orton, the crowd vocally turned on the match and chanted for just about

everything known to man with the exception of the two wrestlers in the

ring.  That was an organic

moment.  During SummerSlam fans

tried to do the same thing during the Nattie Neidhart, Brie Bella match and

thankfully it didnít catch on like it did at RAW. The problem I have is instead

of chanting to show their non-interest in the match, it felt more like ďhey we

saw another crowd do this, lets do it too and be cool.Ē  If you canít be original, itís best to

sit in silence if you donít like the match. Not reacting will send a louder

message than parroting another crowd. <>

With the complaints out of

the way, lets take a look at the show. 

Overall, I would say SummerSlam was a better show than Wrestlemania 29.

I could be blinded by my bias of being a Daniel Bryan fan and never wanting to

see The Rock in a WWE ring. <>

Erick Rowan or Chad Smart? You decide

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

Out of all of the matches,

not counting the Divaís match because 1) I barely saw any of it and 2) WWE has

conditioned me to not care about Diva matches, the only match I feel was a bit

disappointing was the Ring of Fire match. 

I thought Luke Harper and Erick Rowanís actions outside the ring were

clever, the match though just never seemed to click. I did buy a replica Erick

Rowan sheep mask, so at least I got to show my support for deranged cult. <>

Punk flies

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

All the other undercard

matches were entertaining. Christian failing to win the World Title was disappointing,

as Iíd rather see him as champ than watch Alberto Del Rio do anything.  Brock Lesnar and CM Punk put on a great

match.  While I feel this match was

rushed in the story telling aspect, both guys brought it and had the crowd

eating it up.  The only complaint,

and itís not really a complaint, is the lack of appearance by Curtis Axel.  Since the match was non-DQ, why did

Paul Heymanís latest talent not try to help Brock beat down Punk? Iím glad he didnít,

as overbooking is a serious flaw in todayís wrestling shows. <>

Victory...for a moment

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

Speaking of overbooking,

when Triple H was announced as the special referee in the John Cena/Daniel

Bryan match, I expected a screw job ending. Truthfully, there were several long

stretches during the match where I didnít even realize Haitch was there.

Thankfully, they let Cena and Bryan have all the focus on them and prove why

one is the best wrestler in WWE while the other one gets unnecessary ďyou canít

wrestleĒ chants. Similar to the Brock/Punk match, Cena and Bryan had the crowd

in the palm of their hands and played them like a fiddle.  One aspect I liked about the ending of

the match is that it ended with a non-established finishing move.  I think that added surprise and

excitement to Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title. <>

The Viper strikes

Photo by: My 1-2-3 Cents

Iím split on Randy Orton

cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase. On one hand I can understand the

reasoning having Bryan lose the title so quickly will make him more of a fan

supported baby face and fans will pay to see him get revenge.  On the other hand, the crowd died when

Orton won the title. I donít believe you always have to send the crowd home

happy, but why trivialize Bryanís victory celebration.  I am curious as to how Triple H will

justify his actions and apparent siding with Orton given that three years ago

Orton tried to give Tripís wife and father in law brain damage by punting them

in the head. Or am I not supposed to remember that far back? <>

Overall, SummerSlam was an

enjoyable show. If you didnít see it, I would recommend ordering the replay or

getting the DVD when itís available. Kevin and I have started making tentative

plans for Wrestlemania 30 and dare I say WWE has got me interested and looking

forward to what lies ahead in the next six months?  <>

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