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Even the Crows Were On Vacation
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By Gary DeNeal
Gary DeNeal is the editor and publisher since 1985 of Springhouse, a bi-monthly magazine focusing on the history and lore of southeastern Illinois.
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By Gary DeNeal
Aug. 23, 2013 1:12 p.m.

It was about as foggy as mornings get, and this Passion Flower was all but hidden by weeds.
Call it August blossoming amidst roughhewn surroundings.
There were only about six of these blossoms that I could see, and about 20 million weeds to make the seeing difficult.
Just kidding, of course, though the weeds were in dusty abundance, and the six or so blossoms were pristine. I felt lucky just finding them at all because I was out for the sole purpose of “capturing” leaves of corn clattering against the sunrise. There was no clatter, no visible sunrise, just a pin-drop-stillness.
Even the crows were on vacation.

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