The Bottle Rockets and the Woodbox Gang will be performing at Carbondale’s Shryock Auditorium on September 7. The Bottle Rockets have been entertaining for two decades and have many fans in the area, but I know too little about the band to write more.   The Woodbox Gang is a whole other story. It has been my privilege to observe the band since the beginning. One of my poems was included in the Woodbox Gang CD, Showdown. Showdown is no longer available. Here is the poem.   woodbox gang   and then they fling their blend of clang and sense so sheer it rends the air and word of tin absurd as sin turns speech to wine makes screech divine and word of flame too blurred to name burns heart to bliss of art lessness dear lord I think no word or wink can get across the wit they toss wit twice as sweet as ice in heat yet plain and raw as rain in fall does swift red hawk share gift of squawk with mice whose squeals help spice his meals does sun burned milk soon turn to silk is chopped up sea your cup of tea is least coyote a beast of note does bloom of plumb make gloom less glum does scream of owl drain cream from cow do spoons banged so cause tunes to flow does mirth profound make earth go round