Years ago wereprinted Francis Thompson’s The Hound of Heaven in our regional magazine, Springhouse. What did Thompson’s masterpiece have to do with southern Illinois? Absolutely nothing! We published The Hound of Heaven anyway. All you sharp-as-tacks agnostics and atheists get over it—the poem merited breaking our own self-established restrictions concerning geographical boundaries.   Fast forward to 2013, the year of tweaks and twitters, of eavesdropping on such a massive scale one restricts one’s whistling for fear secret messages may be buried in the tunes.   Has the elusive Hound been captured at last in digital amber? I'll leave that to the scientists, but this sure looks like the Hound of Heaven to me. See that all-seeing eye, those ever-questing nostrils. True, the ear seems a bit on the puffy side, but, heck, this Hound has had a rough go of it.   Searching, searching—forever that heavenly beast is searching!   Speaking of searching, it is the perfect day to search out the poetry of Francis Thompson (1859-1907), of which The Hound of Heaven is only a small part.