Crews pump thousands of gallons of corn syrup from partially submerged tankers Friday. The corn syrup had to be removed before a derailment company could pull the tankers from the river. The trestle bridge collapsed and sent six cars into the river Monday.

Crews work to pump thousands of gallons of corn syrup from a partially submerged tanker car Friday.

Sunpro, of Elkhart, Ind., had to remove the syrup before R.J. Corman Derailment Services, LLC of Nicholasville, K.Y., could pull the cars from the Spoon River. It appeared that two of the six fallen cars had already been drained and removed, however.

A trestle bridge collapsed Monday evening sending the six tankers into the river. Three engines and six cars made it across the bridge safely, and four remained on the other side of the bridge.

The train, headed toward East Peoria, belongs to Keokuk Junction Railway, a subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp. Railroad officials were at the scene Friday.