Two charges were filed against Willliam "Pete" White today in Mercer County Court.


Today in Mercer County Court William "Pete" White was charged with two class 3 felonies; Driving While License Revoked, and Threatening a Public Official. Both charges are extendable and carry up to 10 years in prison.

 The first charge for Driving While License Revoked stems back to August of 2011. He has been convicted of 13 prior 'Driving While Revoked' charges out of over 50 crimes for which he has been convicted in his lifetime. His previous Driving While Revoked charges have been made not only in Mercer County, but Rock Island County, Henry County and Louisa County, Iowa.

The second charge stems from a Hearing in Mercer County Court in February, 2013. Upon cross examination by State's Attorney Greg McHugh Mr. White admitted to threatening his public defender, Attorney Daniel Dalton. When asked by McHugh, if he had threatened to hurt him (Mr. Dalton), he replied, "I said I would break his (expletive) nose."

Mr. Dalton received a letter dated Sept. 21, 2012 from Lawrence Correctional Center where Mr. White was incarcerated at the time. It began by explaining Mr. White had made statements indicating intentions of getting revenge on Daniel Dalton. Erin Staley, Mental Health Professional, had sent the letter informing Mr. Dalton of this potential threat so he could take any actions deemed necessary to protect himself. She states in the letter, "It is my duty as a mental health professional to warn potential victims of any threats." In the same letter she describes how Mr. White believed Mr. Dalton was the person responsible for the decision to terminate his parental rights.

Based on the fact that he was appointed by the court, and he does litigation, Public Defender Daniel Dalton is considered a public official.

Mr. White is presumed innocent of all charges. These charges were filed for public safety purposes. Officials cannot comment on the investigation into the murder of his estranged wife Melissa White, except to stay it is still active.