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My current Alfine setup on the Dos Niner with chain tensioner.

My last three mountain bike rides have all been problematic.  A few weeks ago a errant log took me down and broke my saddle.  Last week my rear popped out of the drop out and I didn’t have a 15mm wrench to tighten it back down.  Yesterday my chain tensioner wouldn’t hold my chain on.
It was brutally hot yesterday, which is strange because it’s been unseasonably cool this July.  For instance, today, July 28th the high is 78.  Yesterday it was in the mid 90s with a heat index around 100.  Yesterday on this muggy day 8 folks met up at the Ruby trailhead for a mountain bike ride.  Luke drove his new van, which I think may be one of the best vehicles for travelling that I’ve ever seen.  Feels like you’re in a car, but has the cargo capacity of a van.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was no clear cut veteran ride leader here.  Luke and I were probably the most knowledgeable about the trail system, which is never a good sign.  Luke asked me if it was two hours to the gravel pile.  He might as well asked me if it was two hours to the oak tree.  I was like, yeap and took off.  My chain feel off in 15 seconds of riding.  This is not how you want a big group ride to start.
I messed around with the chain tensioner for a minute and got it working and rode the next couple of miles with the group but then the chain started falling again.  I sent them on and started walking.  After about a mile I got the idea to try and keep the chain on the axle of the tensioner and the pulley.  That seemed to work.  It didn’t sound good but it worked.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started the route I thought Luke might be on backwards but never could connect up with them.  Luke proved that he was a capable ride leader, I ran into them coming out the woods around 11:57.  When I got off my bike it was noon exactly, the guys had said they needed to be back by noon.
As for my bike problem, don’t blame the chain tensioner, blame the mechanic. With the cool weather this week maybe I can actually take a succesful mountain bike ride.

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