Dave Medhurst of Aledo must love the eighth hole at Hawthorn Ridge. After hitting a hole-in-one on the par 3 hole on May 18, he repeated the feat Aug. 20.

Medhurst, who is 65, plays in the Men's League. He said he's played golf for about 10 years but only after he retired has he had the chance to play a lot.

He downplayed his accomplishment, saying a certain amount of luck is necessary.

"The second one, I couldn't believe it," Medhurst said on Sept. 9. "Well, I couldn't believe the first one. But the second one, I was like 'oh, my.'"

He said the hole-in-one in May was hit during a storm that kicked up winds in the area. Medhurst said conditions were such, "I didn't even see it" go in. A friend who was playing in the same group that day gave him the good news.

Keeping with his modesty about the two shots, he said he played the same hole the day of the interview (Sept. 9) and hit the ball into the water. His assessment of hitting two hole-in-ones in the same year?

"It was something different," he said with a laugh.