The State of Illinois sent Mercer County nearly $111,200 to reimburse it through December for salaries for the state's attorney, public defender, and supervisor of assessments. When or if more money is coming is not known.

Mercer County Treasurer Bev Lower said the money arrived Feb. 8. Some would say it came in a way typical of how the state is currently operating.

"It just all of a sudden appeared," Lower said. There was no contact from the state.

Mercer County is one of a number of counties to have sued the state. On Nov. 20, 2015, the county filed a two-count complaint asking  for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction forcing the state to, as mandated by law, pay the salaries of the three officials in question.

When the suit was filed, the county had last received money for those salaries on July 1, 2015. At that time, State's Attorney Greg McHugh Mercer County was facing a $120,000 budget deficit simply because of those three salaries.

Lower said of the money received, about $56,730 was for the state's attorney's salary, almost $30,364 for the public defender and just more than $14,000 for the supervisor of assessments.

Lower said the state usually would reimburse the county in February, for example, for January. She noted on Feb. 24 no money for January had yet been received.

Asked if there has since been any contact from Springfield about future reimbursements, Lower said all has been quiet.

"No, we don't have any way of knowing that," she said. "I know we still send them out reimbursement forms. ... We haven't been notified at all" if payments will now come on a regular basis.