MACOMB — In a Monday morning press release, Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker announced the arrest of two juveniles (both 13 years old) for the theft of two AR-15 assault rifles and their ammunition from West Jackson’s Pawn Plus and East Jackson’s Farm King.
According to Deputy Chief Dave Burnham, the juveniles broke into Farm King through a normally-inaccessible entrance around 3 a.m. Sunday, July 7. The juveniles triggered an alarm, and attempted to rob the rifles from the gun display cases. When they wouldn’t open, the suspects grabbed 5.56 mm ammunition and fled the scene. Officers responded to the alarm within minutes, but had difficulty finding the point of entry.
The juveniles made their way towards Pawn Plus, where they destroyed a front window to gain entry. The assault rifles were stolen from the store around 4:36 a.m., and officers once again arrived just after the suspects had fled. Thanks to surveillance footage from Pawn Plus, officers were able to narrow down the identity of one of the suspects, whom Burnham said the department has spoken to in the past.
“Two businesses that are alarmed, and one business with cameras.” Burnham said. “That’s how we were able to track them. We have a lot of businesses that have neither one or the other—and we could have seen a lot more weapons taken.”
Burnham added that officers rendezvoused at the suspect’s last known residence (Prairie View Housing), where they also encountered an unnamed individual who provided the juveniles the information necessary to commit Sunday’s burglaries. The rifles were found discarded in dumpsters near Prairie View Housing. The suspects were located thanks to the interviews at Prairie View Housing, and both suspects were arrested on charges of burglary, criminal damage over $500, and possession of firearms without an FOID card.
Barker’s press release reminds the public that suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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