Hamerlinck earns journalism, peer awards

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Aledo Times Record
Angela Hamerlinck

Several individuals from the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) received awards and recognition at a July 23 ceremony on Rock Island Arsenal.

One of those individuals was Angela Hamerlinck of Sherrard, who was presented the Beyond Expectations Peer Award as well as the Keith L. Ware Army Material Command Journalism Award.

This is the second consecutive year Hamerlinck has won the Keith L. Ware award. It is presented for the best writing in Army Material Command.

Hamerlinck said this year she won the award for a news story "The Road to Success begins here." The article was about the Journey to Leadership program. Last year Hamerlinck won for a feature story about veterans who are hired on by the Army as civilians when their military career is over.

Hamerlinck won the awards while she was in the Public Affairs office. She is now a secretary with the general staff tracking taskers or requests for information and making sure the requests are answered. "It's very detailed work."

"I've worked at the arsenal for eight years in several different capacities," said Hamerlinck.

Hamerlinck said her career goal is to be a supervisor at some point. I want to reach as high a civilian position as possible. I want to stay here another 20-25 years. It's hard to say where I'll end up."

"I really think I'm as successful as I am at writing because of my English teacher (Dr. Tom Watkins)  at Sherrard," said Hamerlinck.

Other awards received include the following.

Length of Service Award

35 Years - Presented to Brenda Lee, of East Moline.

30 Years - Presented to Vickie Belman, of East Moline; Cecil Cook, of Bettendorf; Lanolia Neely, of Rock Island; Susan Hatler, of Cambridge, Ill.; Mary Ann Laake, of Bettendorf; and Howard Miller, of Davenport.

25 Years - Presented to Teresa Benischek, of Durant, Iowa; Darlene Coffey, of Port Byron, Ill.; David House, of Reynolds, Ill.; Becky Lay, of Davenport; Richard Nesbitt, of Lynn Center, Ill.; and Ricky Williams, of Milan.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Awards 

Presented to Ursula Burkhalter, of Bettendorf; Steven Hampton, of Bettendorf; Georgia Maess, of Silvis; and Stefani Miner, of Moline  for completing the required Lean Six Sigma training and project work. Members have been certified as proficient in applying the Lean Six Sigma process, tools, and techniques as a green belt. Awardees received a signed certificate and name plate from Brig. Gen. James E. Rogers.

Achievement Medal for Civilian Service

Presented to Michael A. Dunn, of Davenport for being the JMC lead in commercial activities studies and taking an active role in validation of Lean Six Sigma projects.

Presented to Patricia A. Skahill, of Davenport for providing financial tools for the Army Working Capital Fund.

Presented to Zachary E. Cockayne, of Bettendorf for his duties as a team leader as a budget analyst in the JMC's appropriated funds division.

Presented to Tamara K. O'Meara, of Silvis for outstanding performance as team leader in the Appropriated Funds Division.

Presented to Sebastian Curtis, of Rock Island for outstanding work in executing the Integrated Logistics Strategy.

Presented to William D. Dunlap, of Davenport for significant contributions in the executions of the Base Realignment and Closure language.

Presented to Kathy K. George-Reading, of Walcott, Iowa, for significant contributions in the framework in the network strategy.

Presented to Celia M. Hadden, of Davenport for significant contributions supporting the installations.

Presented to Jeri L. Kopp, of Davenport for the ability to understand the operational requirements and translate them with proper justification and information to resource management.

Presented to Lisa M. Swanson, of Davenport for contributions to the Munitions Readiness Directorate.

Presented to Gregory P. Zelnio, of Davenport for significant contributions in the quality arena.

Presented to Angela M. Hamerlinck, of Sherrard; Susan McMahon, of Moline and Connie Decker, of Fulton, Ill., for exceptional support to the commanding general.

Commander's Award  for Civilian Service

Presented to Pamela Swope, of Davenport; Steve Abney, of Eldridge, Iowa; and Gail Koester, of Calamus, Iowa, for exceptional support to the commanding general.

Presented to David B. Barrington, of Davenport for outstanding support to Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Mo., and JMC in the conduct and presentation of a criminal investigation involving the theft and destruction of war materials.

Presented to Brenda L. Lee, of East Moline for exemplary contributions resulting in the successful accomplishment of the JMC's first employee development strategy.

Presented to Rosanne Mohr, of Davenport for exceptional performance as strategic planning analyst.

Presented to Carol A. DePorter, of Davenport for exemplary service as chief, Appropriated Funds Division, Resource Management Directorate.

Presented to Brenda A. Seyller, of East Moline for extensive manpower knowledge, guidance and dedication which have been instrumental in the standup of JMC.

Presented to Joseph A. Schneider, of Davenport and Adrienne Y. Johnson, of Moline for exemplary performance in execution of the renovation of the JMC headquarters building.

Presented to Dena S. Porterfield, of Davenport for improvements in tank ammunition materiel that has substantially benefited the warfighter and that ultimately improved readiness for ratings 120 mm tank ammunition.

Presented to Shelley K. Moses, of Blue Grass, Iowa, for efforts on the JMC enterprise data integration study.

Presented to Kathryn R. Miller, of Bettendorf for outstanding performance as strategic plans analyst and Plans and Exercises team leader for the National Level Exercise 2-08.

Presented to Dean A. Ficke, of Davenport for diligence in training, assisting and guiding new employees on all principles and governing authorities for pricing conventional ammunition.

Superior Civilian Service Award

Presented to Walter Songaila, of Davenport; Lawrence M. Williams, of East Moline; and Perry C. Reynolds, of Bettendorf for exceptional support to the commanding general.

Department of the Army Retirement Certificates

Presented to Dean A. Ficke, of Davenport for 32 years and four months of faithful service.

Presented to Gayl N. Harrison, of Rock Island for 35 years and four months of faithful service.