Formation of the Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, and Innovators Club to be announced Feb 23rd

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

On Monday, Feb. 23, 2009,  a new resource for entrepreneurs in Henderson, Mercer, Warren, and Knox counties will be unveiled. The Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, and Innovators Club (EPIC) is being formed to provide educational as well as networking and mentoring opportunities for regional entrepreneurs. The committee working to organize the club will meet with the press at 8:30 a.m. at the Educational Technology Center in the Sandburg Mall in the Wells Fargo Room.

This new regional resource has been organized by regional service providers with the goal that the club will be embraced by the entrepreneurial community and will soon be entrepreneur driven and managed. The club has received funding for the first year of operation from the Moline Foundation, the Business and Technology Center, The University of Illinois Extension and the Workforce Investment Board of Western Illinois.  The club will be maintained in the future through $25 annual dues as well as sponsorships. The vision of EPIC is to be a dynamic group of entrepreneurs working collectively to gain new insight and develop new ways to start and grow business opportunities.

To accomplish this vision the club will have five  primary components. The first component will be “Spark Sessions” with speakers on a variety of topics and networking time.  The club will also host occasional “Idea Bounces” where entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business or a new product or line can come and bounce their idea off a panel of experts who can give them feedback and direct them towards additional resources.