i Wireless puts up towers in Mercer County

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Dale Bloomfield looks out at the Mueller Company's equipment that had a heavy presence at Farmers Grain and Coal Co. this past week doing ground work for a cell tower.

Dale and Cheri Bloomfield of Aledo are taking on a new revenue stream at Farmers Grain and Coal Co. -- they're leasing a spot at their business for an i wireless cell tower.

Dale says some of his buddies have given him guff over becoming a millionaire over the deal. "It's not what people think it is," he said, although he wouldn't reveal how much his monthly payment is. "It helps pay the taxes," he said.

Bloomfield said he's been waiting quite a while for this tower to come. "I thought they were going to put it up last August," he said.

There have been a number of communication towers going up in the Mercer County area over the past three weeks. Public notices started appearing in The Times Record in April 2009, announcing iwireless notices to construct various sized wireless cell towers in the following areas - Viola, Joy, Keithsburg, Matherville, New Boston, Aledo and two in Preemption.

A crew from Postville, Iowa, working for Mueller Construction has been in the area for the past three weeks doing the groundwork for the towers, working on most of the towers in Mercer County. They are contracted by i wireless to do the site preparation. Mueller Construction mostly works on wind and cell phone towers.

Once the groundwork is completed, including providing an electrical ground to save the equipment in case of lightning strike, the tower aspect is erected by other contractors.

The crew ran into some soft ground in Aledo, forcing them to spend a little more time than they had planned.

"It's taken them eight days to do two day's work," said Bloomfield.

As part of the compliance work the public notices ask for any objections to the tower construction. Tri Leaf, an environmental consultant, had the job of making sure the public notices were filed, doing the environmental compliance work for i Wireless.

Addresses of some of the new towers include:

• Near Center Street and Edwards in Joy, a 190-foot guyed wireless communication tower.

• At 130th Avenue and Hwy 67, Matherville, a 300-foot guyed wireless communication tower.

• At 110 SE 3rd Avenue, Aledo, a 150-foot monopole wireless communication tower.

• At the intersection of 270th Street and 50th Avenue in Viola, a 190-foot guyed wireless communication tower.

• On 55th Street, approximately 1/4 mile south of 75th Avenue in New Boston, a 190-foot self-support wireless communication tower.

• On Butternut Street and 76th Street in Keithsburg, a 190-foot guyed wireless communication tower.

This tower in Keithsburg is one of many going up in Mercer County.