IRS Essentials - How to Find What You Need Before Tax Day

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

With the Monday, April 18, federal income tax deadline rapidly approaching the IRS wants remind taxpayers about the self-help tools that are available to make filing taxes easier.

Taxpayers seeking last minute help can find a wide variety of useful products and information from the comfort of their home through the IRS website.

* is "open" 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

* The 2011 Filing Season Tax Tips, available on, provide a wealth of information and links to help taxpayers meet the deadline.

* 1040 Central is the comprehensive source for individual income tax information.

*  Interactive Tax Assistant is a tax law resource that guides taxpayers through a series of questions and provides responses on credits, deductions and general filing questions.

The IRS daily filing season tax tips also available on the website provide easy to read plain language information to help taxpayers.

Want to file your return electronically for free?

Free File on is always open - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-11- Let Free File Do the Hard Work for You.

Want to know more about filing electronically?

Electronic filing is no longer the exception, it's the norm - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-10  - Prepare and File Your Taxes Electronically

Need more time to file?   

Request an Extension until October 17 - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-69 - Seven Things about Getting More Time to File Your Tax Return.

Can't pay or need an installment agreement?

 File on time and the IRS may be able to grant more time to pay - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-64 -Read This if you need More Time to Pay Your Taxes.  

Need a form or publication?  

No need to call, download it from - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-04 - Five Ways to Obtain IRS Forms and Publications.

Not sure if you have to file a tax return?  

Your age, income, marital status all make a difference - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-02 - Do I Have to File a Tax Return?

Need IRS Individual Tax Law Information?  

The IRS has a pub for that - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-30 - Six Facts About IRS Publication 17.

Have a question about your refund?  

 Check out the "Where's My Refund" tool - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-66 - Ten Things to Know about Tax Refunds.

What other information is available on the IRS website?

 Need to know more? - See IRS Tax Tip 2011-05 - Top Ten Reasons to Visit