Albracht Calls for Jacobs to Recuse Himself of Involvement with Smart Grid Bill

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Despite a veto promise from Governor Quinn, Senator Mike Jacobs is insisting on a utility rate increase that would cost his constituents and benefit the big energy companies for which his father lobbies, a clear conflict of interest that is raising eyebrows across Illinois.

Bill Albracht, Republican candidate for Illinois State Senate in the 36th District, said Jacobs has no business voting on a bill that would financially benefit a family member, let alone sponsoring one.

"Senator Jacobs should do the right thing and recuse himself from involvement with the Smart Grid bill, meaning he shouldn't be voting on the bill and he shouldn't be sponsoring it," Albracht said. "It is well known that Jacobs' father is a lobbyist for energy giants like Commonwealth Edison, and these companies will directly financially benefit from the passage of this bill. The people of Illinois are tired of the culture of corruption in Springfield, and our senator's unrepentant behavior is part of the problem."

Albracht said the bill, if passed, would be a disaster for Illinois families.

"Legislating an increase in our monthly utility bills during a severe recession is just wrong," Albracht said. "It's bad enough that career politicians in Springfield have passed a devastating tax increase that has shaken the Illinois consumer and stymied the growth of Illinois businesses, resulting in nearly 90,000 jobs lost since January. The reality is that Jacobs and the special interest groups are inflicting yet another tax increase on the people and businesses of Illinois at a time when they can least afford it. We are clearly dealing with an out-of-touch legislative majority that is more concerned with lining their own pockets than fighting for their constituents."

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