Jesse White Announces Upgrade to the Safe Driver Renewal Program

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced today his office has implemented technology upgrades that eliminate the use of Safe Driver Renewal stickers and, instead, drivers that qualify for and take advantage of the Safe Driver Renewal program will receive an updated driver license card through the mail.  

“The Safe Driver Renewal program is designed to reward the state’s safest drivers,” said White.  “I am pleased that with the upgrade in technology we have improved upon this program to better serve Illinoisans.  My office is always looking to use technology as an ally to improve customer service, and this is another successful example of our ongoing efforts.”   

Prior to this change, motorists would receive Safe Driver Renewal stickers through the mail with the instructions to affix the sticker to the back of their driver’s license.  The sticker extended the expiration date on the license for another four years.

Each year approximately 708,000 motorists qualify for the Safe Driver Renewal program, with an average of 300,000 motorists annually taking advantage of the program.

“We expect the number of qualifying drivers that opt for Safe Driver Renewal to increase now that they will receive a brand new driver’s license through the mail, as opposed to the Safe Driver Renewal stickers,” said White.

The Safe Driver Renewal program began in 1997 as a way to reward drivers who have maintained a conviction-free driving record for four years prior to their license expiration.  The Office of the Secretary of State notifies qualifying motorists in advance, and the motorists can renew their drivers license via mail, touchtone, or internet without leaving the comfort of their home. The motorist will then receive an updated driver’s license through the mail, which will contain new expiration dates.