Additional protections to consumers for Smart Grid Passes Senate

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline), who co-sponsored House

Bill 3036, voted today to pass additional improvements to the Smart Grid

legislation originally passed in May.  This legislation, in conjunction

with the original bill, will provide for an enhanced infrastructure to

Illinois' power grid.  In addition, this trailer bill puts more

stringent regulations in place to ensure there are enhanced penalties to

Illinois' utility companies if certain goals are not met.

"The Smart Grid is necessary to update Illinois' aging power

infrastructure," stated Senator Jacobs.  "This legislation will ensure

there is reliable, accessible power available to everyone.  In addition,

this legislation provides for the creation of jobs throughout the State.

In addition, this will allow for everyone to be more energy efficient by

being able to view our usage and determine how we personally can

conserve energy and save money."

In addition to the changes mentioned above, House Bill 3036 will also

create an Energy Low Income and Safety Program which will provide nearly

$60 million to help fund low income and safety program.  These programs

will include residential hardship programs, non-profit hardship

programs, disabled veteran assistance programs, as well as educational

assistance programs for low-income senior citizens.

"This legislation took months of negotiations, in which the end product

was a compromise between the people of Illinois and Illinois utility

companies.  It has always been my goal to ensure the interests of

consumers is the top priority," stated Senator Jacobs.

The Smart Grid program passed by the Senate today aims to address

consumer concerns.  This bill is a compromise that will ensure job

creation, consumer protections and an updated electrical grid that is

necessary for Illinois.

"We have worked over the past five months to ensure that Illinois' power

grid does not become obsolete," stated Senator Jacobs.  "The Smart Grid

is a necessary component that will generate economic development and

drive businesses to our state."