Albracht: "It's time to open Thomson Prison"

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Quad City Times is reporting that the already overcrowded East Moline Correctional Facility could receive even more prisoners when Logan Correctional Center closes in less than two months.

Bill Albracht, Republican candidate for Illinois Senate in the 36th District, argued that his proposal to open Thomson Prison would help alleviate the overcrowding problem our state prisons are experiencing.

"Back in April, our campaign unveiled a proposal to stop the sale and finally open Thomson Prison," Albracht said. "Illinois should lease half of the prison to house out-of-state prisoners to earn revenue, but the other half should absolutely be filled with inmates from our overcrowded state prisons. Prison overcrowding, good jobs, and staff safety are but a few of the issues that opening Thomson Prison would address. This will be one of my top five priorities as Senator."

Senator Jacobs derisively called Albracht's proposal "a non-starter" back in April. Once again, the needs of the people of Western Illinois are being overlooked.

"The people of Thomson badly want this prison opened," Albracht said. "It will create hundreds of jobs and really boost our economy. I don't believe in 'non-starters.' The problem here is a lack of creativity and motivation from entrenched politicians in Springfield."

Albracht argued that waiting on the federal government to act would not serve the people of this area.

"We can't afford to sit on our hands and hope that the federal government might open Thomson Prison," Albracht said. "We need action now. The reality is that, given the environment in Washington right now, we may never see a federal prison opened in Thomson. We must stop the pending sale to the federal government. It's time to finally open Thomson Prison. After all... it's just common sense."

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