Butter Cow to be sculpted live the first two days of the Illinois State Fair

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

                      The butter cow has been a main

                      attraction at the Illinois State Fair since 1922, but

                      it has always been completed before fairgoers arrive

                      at the Dairy Building.

                      This year, however, sculptor Sharon BuMann of Central

                      Square, N.Y., intends to finish the famous cow live,

                      while it is rotating on a platform in its

                      refrigerated octagonal case.

                      BuMann began working on this year’s bovine Monday and

                      plans to finish the sculpture late Saturday evening.

                      “We’re hoping to have a record number of people out

                      here when I finish,” she said.

                        BuMann  also announced there will be a few

                      surprises in this year’s sculpture, including some


                      The case that BuMann works in is 39 degrees.  To stay

                      warm, she wears gear that makes it look as if she is

                      skiing. She also keeps herself entertained by

                      listening to Elvis music on her iPod.

                      Another unique feature of this year’s butter cow is

                      its inspiration. The cow is modeled after a real

                      grand champion dairy cow from Minnesota. Its name is

                      Charm and she will be ten years old in May. Charm’s

                      owner, Katelyn Orth, is working as an intern at the

                      Illinois State Fair this year for the Midwest Dairy

                      Association and says Charm has a great personality

                      and is very pampered.

                      “She has the first stall in the barn.  Her whole

                      family is in there with her,” Katelyn said of her now

                      famous cow.

                      The Illinois State Fair has installed a web cam so

                      internet surfers can watch BuMann work.  To watch the

                      Cow Cam, go to