Illinois weather and crops

Ashlee Boers

Temperatures decreased 3.1 degrees from the previous week to an average of

60.6 degrees, but still remained nearly five degrees above normal for the time

period. Precipitation averaged 0.68 inches across the state with a high of

0.9 inches being reported in the East Southeast district and a low of 0.4

inches in the West Southwest district.  Normally, rainfall equals 0.51 inches

for the time period. An average of 5.6 days suitable for field work was

reported for the week. Topsoil moisture ended the week at 15 percent very

short, 36 percent short, 48 percent adequate, and one percent surplus.

Harvesting continued to progress at a rapid pace. Corn is now at 64 percent

harvested, up 15 points from the previous week and nine above the five-year

average. Soybeans are at 73 percent harvested, up 23 points from the previous

week and nine points above the five-year average. In addition to corn and

soybean harvesting, fall tillage operations are proceeding, producers are

beginning to apply fall fertilizers and lime, and wheat planting is starting

to pick up. Winter wheat seeded increased to 66 percent complete, 11 points

above the five year average for the time period. Twenty percent of the winter

wheat crop is reported emerged compared to 6 percent the previous week and 18

percent for the five-year average.