Agricultural Summary 10/24/11

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Harvest has continued steadily throughout the fall with an average of 5.2

days suitable for field work last week.  Farmers reported concern of an early

frost affecting the remaining crop.  Temperatures were 4.5 degrees below

normal with an average of 48.1 degrees.  Precipitation averaged 0.79 inches

across the state, with the southern districts receiving slightly higher

rainfall. Normally, rainfall equals 0.72 inches for the time period.  Topsoil

moisture ended the week at 13 percent very short, 35 percent short, 50

percent adequate, and two percent surplus.  Corn is now at 79 percent

harvested, up 15 points from the previous week and 16 above the five-year

average. Soybeans are at 84 percent harvested, up 11 points from the previous

week and 10 above the five-year average.  Winter wheat progress is on track

with the five-year average for the time period.  Wheat seeded increased eight

points from the previous week to 74 percent.  Wheat emerged is at 40 percent,

a 20 point increase from the previous week.