Illinois Soybean Association congratulates the Hagenbuchs on new swine facility

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Oct. 28, 2011 – The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) praised the expansion of the Hagenbuch Family Farm at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 25. The event was held at the Hagenbuch’s two new 2,400-head grow-to-finish buildings located near Utica.

John and Kate Hagenbuch, who raise soybeans and corn, recently decided to expand their hog operation. “We’ve been considering expanding for some time, and the time is right,” says Kate.

“We are happy for the Hagenbuchs and congratulate them on their initiative to grow their pork business,” says Rob Shaffer, ISA secretary and farmer from El Paso.

He adds: “We’re even happier for their community because we know a thriving livestock sector not only helps ensure a market for our soybeans, it’s also good for our local and state economies.”

The Illinois pork industry provides more than 10,000 jobs and $170 million in taxes, according to a 2011 recent study by Peter Goldsmith, PhD, associate professor of agribusiness management at the University of Illinois.

The Hagenbuchs say they are dedicated to continuing the legacy of farming, established by their ancestors, Charles and Ethel Hagenbuch, in 1938. John and Kate are the third-generation of Hagenbuch family farmers.

“We are very pleased to grow our operation in our home state,” says John. “We take great pride in helping produce a safe and healthy pork product, and both of us are involved in promoting agriculture at the state and local levels.”

Both say being good neighbors is critical. “We personally spoke with most of the community members who live nearby as we wanted everyone to be properly notified about our expansion plans,” Kate explains.

Shaffer commended the Hagenbuch family for their efforts. “They planned proactively, reached out to their neighbors, informed the local papers, and asked their commodity organizations, including ISA, for help early on in the process.”

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