2010 Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (SURE)

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The 2010 SURE signup will begin Nov. 14, 2011. SURE provides benefits to producers who suffered farm revenue losses due to natural disasters.

To be eligible for 2010 SURE the following conditions must be met:

- at least one crop of economic significance must suffer a 10% production loss due to an eligible disaster condition.

- producers must have purchased crop insurance on all crops of economic significance.

- crop of economic significance is a crop that has contributed or would have contributed at least 5% or more of the total expected revenue from all crops on the farm.

Mercer County was declared a primary disaster county by the Secretary of Agriculture for 2010 and is eligible for the 2010 SURE Program. SURE is available to eligible producers on: 1) Farms in counties with secretarial disaster declarations, including contiguous counties that have incurred at least a 10 percent crop production or quality loss, or both, on all crops grown by a producer except grazed crops. 2) Farms in which, for the crop year, actual production on the farm because of disaster-related conditions is 50 percent or less than normal production of the farm.

If you believe you had a 10% production loss for the 2010 crop year and had crop insurance (or NAP Coverage, if applicable) on all crops, contact the Mercer County FSA Office at 308 SE 8th Ave., Aledo, IL 61231. Telephone number: 309-582-5153. Other program/producer eligibility rules may apply.

SURE fact sheets are available at the county office or http://www.fsa.usda.gov, website search Fact Sheets-Disaster Programs.

Signup for the 2010 SURE will continue through June 2, 2012.