Crop report for the week

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Illinois Department of Agriculture released the Illinois Weather and Crops report June 4.

Agricultural Summary

Last week, some much needed rainfall provided relief from the hot and dry conditions of the previous weeks. Statewide precipitation averaged 0.71 inches, still 0.19 inch below the norm but more than double what the previous three weeks had averaged. Temperatures also moderated slightly to 66.3 degrees, 1.4 degrees below average for the week. Producers were busy side dressing corn and spraying fields now that many have completed planting corn and soybeans. Topsoil moisture ratings increased to 14 percent very short, 40 percent short, 45 percent adequate and 1 percent surplus. Virtually all planted corn has emerged. Corn conditions were rated at 5 percent poor or very poor, 29 percent fair and 66 percent good to excellent. Soybeans planted now stands at 98 percent, well ahead of the 5-year average of 70 percent. Ninety one percent of the soybean crop has emerged. Soybean conditions were 6 percent poor or very poor, 34 percent fair and 60 percent good to excellent. Fifty seven percent of the winter wheat crop is now ripe, compared to the 5-year average of 1 percent. Seven percent of the wheat crop has been harvested.

In the western district where Mercer County is  there were 5.2 days suitable for fieldwork from May 28-June 3. The topsoil moisture contest in the district was 11 percent very short, 59 percent short, 30 percent adequate. The subsoil moisture content was 13 percent very short, 52 percent short, and 35 percent adequate.

On June 3 the crop progress report by district is as follows. 100 percent of corn has emerged; corn heigh has reached 20 inches; the percentage of soybeans is 100 percent; the percentage of soybeans emerged was at 90 percent.