No worries here: fair preparations going as planned

Robert Blackford

Mercer County Fair Board president Roger Grundstrom said he has no worries heading into the final weeks prior to the Mercer County Fair. Grundstrom and the board met June 19 with less than a month to go before the start of the annual event.

"We've got some wiring to do for two new entrances, the usual mowing but nothing out of the ordinary," said Grundstrom.

During the meeting Grundstrom warned that several thousand dollars in bills would be coming in from Galesburg electric and that they might push $12,000.

Don Manthe said it should be okay if they don't have to pay the bills until July.


Chris Fredrickson approached the fair board about putting on Zumba demonstrations during the fair of 20 minutes to an hour. "We can do it in the heat.

The board tentatively scheduled demonstrations for 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the upstairs of the Merchant's Building.

Beer Tent resolved

The beer tent will stay in the same place and they won't be using a tent this year. The board will have a 20 x 50 foot car port set up for visitors to enjoy a beer along the track railing where it has always been. The board had discussed moving the tent to behind the grandstand. The flooring of the area will be gravel with limestone on top.

Other issues discussed:

•The board agreed wash down the bleachers in the livestock barns prior to the fair.

•4-H kids used 30 gallons of paint to spruce up the buildings.

•The horse racing track has been drug and wet down.

•The power will be turned on June 28.

•Following the stage set up and the cleaning of the stalls there will be a board meeting and pizza party the Sunday prior to fair week.

•Board members will be doing electrical work the next couple of weekends.