Fireworks Explode with Flair at Matherville Lake

by Kathleen Conway

The night air was filled with excitement and dew on July 3, 2014, as hundreds of people watched fireworks illuminate the sky and reflect in the water of Matherville Lake.

From miles around people watched the annual Independence Day fireworks display sponsored by the Matherville Fire Department. Families and friends of all ages gathered at Matherville Lake, in yards around Matherville, and even from cars parked along Ridge Road.

The fireworks program opening song was the Whitney Houston rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. It was heartwarming to see many children placing their hands over their hearts as they attentively watched the American flag firework sparkle. Eclectic music accompanied the fireworks display and included "Firework" by Katie Perry and "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa.

Even though the night air fell and dampened the ground, and those who sat on it, the spirits of those who attended the Matherville fireworks were uplifted. They had another wonderful experience of celebrating the freedoms won by countless sacrifices made to gain the independence that we enjoy today in the United States of America.