Local Premiere for New Film "Milltown Pride"

Harmony Baptist Church

Harmony Baptist Church, 1530 Brown Ave., Galesburg, is very excited to host the premiere showing for this area of a brand new film from Bob Jones University, Unusual Films - Milltown Pride.  In the film, we meet Will Wright, who "dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues and is ready to sacrifice anything to make it happen. But in South Carolina during the 1920s, the only path to pro baseball is through the local textile mill team. Against the wishes of his wealthy father, Will leaves his family and privileged life behind to work in the harsh conditions at Newton Mill. His natural talent on the field makes him the rising star of the mill-league team—and also earns him a dangerous rival. How much will he risk for his chance at the big leagues? And when you hit rock bottom, is there a way up?" The showing will be on Sunday night, June 12, at 6 PM and there will be ice cream after the movie.  There is no charge, but you do need a ticket to enter.  For a free ticket, call 344-2144 or e-mail hbc@hbcgalesburg.org.

(more information on the film as well as trailer is also available at www.MilltownPride.com)