Augustana offers summer art classes for children

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 It’s not too late to register for Augustana’s Kaleidoscope summer art classes for children. The longtime community arts program features a variety of classes for children ages 4-12, including papier-mâché, weaving, painting, sculpting, drawing and more. Classes are held at the Augustana Art Studio, 610 35th St., Rock Island.

“This is a great opportunity to let the children express themselves through art?something many don’t get to do at school,” said Professor Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, founder and coordinator of the program. “Kaleidoscope is one of only a few art programs in the Quad Cities for children. And the kids get excited because they go to college for the morning.”

For more information or to request a printed brochure, call (309) 794-7729. Or go to for class listings, the registration form and more details.

Summer Sessions

July 5-8, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Zoofari  We’ll paint, collage and papier-mâché to make favorite zoo animals.?4-6 year olds; $36

Marvelous Mobiles?Enjoy designing and constructing mobiles as we work with a variety of materials.?7-8 year olds; $36

Dive into Watercolors?Dip, brush and blend as we learn many techniques! We will paint on special papers.?7-9 year olds; $36

Life on the River?Recreate our beautiful Quad-City landscapes. Our focus will be on river and sky compositions as we draw and paint.?9-12 year olds; $36

July 5-8, 11 a.m.-noon

Bird Alphabet?We’ll draw, paint and collage our own book of birds from A to Z.?4-6 year olds; $36

Pastel Drawing?Explore a variety of pastel techniques as we draw buildings, landscapes and wildlife represented in the Quad Cities.?7-8 year olds; $36

Fish Tales?We’ll reel in “fishy” creations as we draw, paint and sculpt creatures under the sea.?7-9 year olds; $36

Fiber Sculpture Domos?Create your own alien, sea creature or cartoon character as we work two- and three-dimensionally.?9-12 year olds; $36

July 11-15, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Things with Wings?e’ll construct, paint, collage and papier mâché colorful flying creatures! Two classes: 4-6 year olds, $45; and 7-8 year olds, $45

Charcoal Drawing ?orking from a variety of subject matter, we’ll learn about composition, shading and blending techniques.?9-12 year olds; $45

Wool Felting?ach student will create a small bag and whimsical creatures with wool roving and felting techniques. 10 years old to adult; $45

July 11-15, 11 a.m.-noon

Four Legged Friends?rom lizards to puppies, stripes to polka dots...we’ll draw, paint and sculpt the animal world.?4-6 year olds; $45

Printing Possibilities ?onoprints, relief prints and stamping will abound as we explore this versatile medium. We’ll make a group mural and print a T-shirt, too! 7-8 year olds; $45

Meet the Artist ?oin us as we look at works of famous artists. Learn unique techniques as we draw, paint and collage our own masterpieces. 7-9 year olds; $45

Fiber Frenzy?eaving, stitching and appliqué techniques will be explored as we create one-of a-kind works of art.?9-12 year olds; $45

July 18-22, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Animal Lovers?e’ll draw, paint and construct the wonderful world of animals. Discover color, pattern, shape and texture. 4-6 year olds; $45

Cruise the Caribbean?ake a quick trip to paradise...we’ll make a colorful banner, metal sculpture and island-style jewelry.?7-8 year olds; $45

Jewelry Making?ake friendship bracelets and necklaces using braiding patterns and weaving techniques. We’ll create seed bead pendants, paper and clay beads, too.?9-12 year olds; $45

Surface Design: Embellished Paper ?oin us for this one-of-a kind class as we create special papers. Staining, marbling and paste paper techniques will be introduced. 10 years old to adult; $45

July 18-22, 11 a.m.-noon

Beat the Heat ?reate lots of “hot art” with signs of summer as our inspiration. We’ll work with paint, papier-mâché, colored sand and clay.?4-6 year olds; $45

Tropical Kites?ish, butterflies and birds will be our inspiration as we design and create indoor decorative kites and some that fly.?7-8 year olds; $45

Mythological Creatures ?rom dragons and griffins to other fanciful beasts…we’ll draw and paint. We’ll also sculpt unique creatures and their environments in clay.?9-12 year olds; $45

July 25-29, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Dinosaurs!?onstruct, collage and paint these amazing animals using a variety of materials. 4-6 year olds; $45

Design-a-Flamingo?ustomize your own flamingo sculpture to make it uniquely yours with paint, markers, feathers and yarn. 7-9 year olds; $45

Bookbinding  Learn the beautiful art form of hand-bound bookbinding. We’ll make a variety of simple, accordion and complex books as well as a box to house your creation. 10 year olds to adult; $45

July 25-29, 11 a.m.-noon

Playhouse Fun ?esign and create your own playhouse...lots of cardboard, paint and collage materials. Playhouse will fold flat for travel to home. 4-6 year olds; $45

Paint it, Hang it, Wear it! ?e’ll paint a summer scene, create a sculptural relief garden to hang and tie-dye a shirt to wear.?7-8 year olds; $45

Illuminated Letters ?atercolor, colored pencils and metallic pens will be used to create decorative illuminated letters to enhance calligraphy. 8 year olds to adult; $45

     For more information, contact Scott Cason, assistant vice president of communications and marketing, at or (309) 794-7323.

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