Mercer County Dancing with the Stars

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Pictured are Rusty Ruggles and Mary McClellan.

Dancing with the stars is a fund-raising event to benefit the George Pratt Memorial Football Field & Track Renovation Project. At the current time, Mercer County High School has no functioning track for athletes to use, has out-dated lights and deteriorating bleachers.

The Dancing with the Stars event is going to be held on Saturday, October 1 at the Mercer County High School Auditorium. There will be 2 shows;  one at 4:30, and one at 7:30. Tickets are on sale now and cost $8 each and can be purchased from:    Wagner Pharmacy, McKnight Pharmacy, Stut’s Drug Store and Mercer Market. Tickets can also be purchased from any instructors, dancers or committee members

During the actual Dancing with the Stars event, there will be 24 individuals, whom we have randomly drawn for couples that will compete for the coveted Mirrored Ball Trophy.  The interesting twist to this competition is that the winners will not be chosen because of their skills or techniques… but by how much money they generate from their efforts.  The audience will be voting with cash throughout the evening with all the proceeds going to the project.  This is strictly an amateur competition and the committee is very thankful that the dancers are willing to put their bodies to the test and their dignity on the line to help raise money for this worthwhile project.  The dancers are currently pre-fundraising as well.  So, if you would happen to see any of them around at their work or on the street, I’m sure they would be happy to receive any donations.

Along with a panel of judges, the evening will also consist of other interesting entertainment.  Taking part in the event will be the Mercer County High School Pom Squad doing a dance routine and Cindy Franks and partners will be performing a Ballroom Dance exhibition.

So, we are hoping that the people of Mercer County will come out to the event and support the dancers… bring your checkbooks and cash…  see some great entertainment and help out a great project!