Weather won't halt festival

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Antique Days decorating started Thursday night, Sept 11, 2008, in Aledo on all the street corners in downtown Aledo. Tying corn stocks to a light pole, from left are Aledo Main Street volunteers JoAnn Blaser, Cam Otten, Oz Karch and Janice Hall.

Planners for this year's Antique Days in Aledo are waiting around with bated breath to see what the weather will bring. "Last year was beautiful," said Pam Myers, program director of Aledo Main Street today. "The forecast for today was that it would rain all day. It hasn't. Maybe it will all blow over by tomorrow."

Meanwhile, preparations and plans are continuing. Come rain or shine the show must go on.

Thursday evening, Aledo Main Street volunteers hit the pavement to decorate street corners with bales of hay, cornstalks, pumpkins and scarecrows.

Myers said the park is to be set up with about 30 antique vendors as well as a good number of bake sales. "The Vintage Walk will go on, the indoor events, like the Fireman's Breakfast shouldn't be hampered," she said. We'll be out there, unless it starts lightning."

Even earlier than Thursday, Michael Clark, project coordinator for this year's Wall Bash project on the north wall of Shirt Tales, started prepping the 8 x 40-foot mural wall. The sepia toned wall decoration depicts the Aledo Threshing Company. Artists besides Clark who involved with painting are Dave Correll of Faribault, Minn., Mike Meyer of Mazeppa, Minn. and local artist Jack Youngquist of Aledo, who showed up Friday to help with some of the painting.

"I started out as a sign painter, then went to house painting, then I retired," said Youngquist.

Clark estimates the mural should be completed by Sunday.

The Wall Bash won't be stopped by rain. Clark has fashioned a plastic lean-to to keep out the rain. "I don't care if it rains. I just don't want the wind," said Clark.

Jack Youngquist of Aledo (in foreground) has added his expertise to the 2008 Antique Days Wall Bash taking place on the north wall of Shirt Tales. Michael Clark is in the background working on another section of the 8 x 40 foot mural. The pair, along with two other painters, Dave Correll of Faribault, Minn. and Mike Meyer of Mazeppa, Minn., plan to have the the sepia toned mural completed by Sunday, Sept. 21.