Precipitation up in Mercer County area, down in rest of the state

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Illinois Department of Agriculture released its Illinois Weather and Crops report Jan. 3.

The amount of precipitation in the Northwest District of the state of Illinois, in which Mercer County lies, was up slightly in December compared to the rest of the state. The Northwest District recorded 2.12 inches of precipitation a 0.08 inch increase over normal amounts. Each of the other eight districts in the state recorded drops in precipitation. As a whole the state experienced a 0.98 inch drop in the amount of precipitation from Dec. 1-31.

Topsoil moisture

The amount of topsoil moisture in the Northwest District was listed as 91 percent adequate; seven percent short and two percent surplus.

The topsoil moisture level across the state is 79 percent adequate, 12 percent short, eight percent surplus and one percent very short.


The average temperature in the Northwest District in December was 18.4 degrees  or 6.7 degrees lower than normal.

Across the state the average temperature was 23.5 degrees or 6.4 degrees lower than normal.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat conditions are three percent very poor, 13 percent poor, 42 percent fair, 39 percent good and three percent excellent.