Swimming Safely in Your Own Backyard

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dixon, IL (Grassroots Newswire) June 8, 2011 ? As we enter the summer of

2011, American Leak Detection Serving Northern Illinois is taking steps to

educate the local community on pool safety. It's only June and there have

already been 37 drownings and 38 near-drowning incidents reported by the

media across America, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety

Commission (CPSC) website.  That's why Paul Roe, owner of the local leak

safety business, is offering tips geared to keep families safe while they

enjoy their pools.

"Oftentimes, pool safety is in the back of most people's minds, but it

should really be in the forefront of their thoughts when they use pools,

especially their own," Roe said. "Something as simple as knowing where the

pool water pump is so that you can quickly turn it off in the event of an

emergency can make a world of a difference. As the local water leak

experts, we are more than happy to do our part in helping to keep our

community safe when it comes to pool safety."

Roe says that local residents should take the following precautionary

steps before opening their pool for members of their households and


* Check and replace necessary pool parts

Replace old flat drain covers and never use a pool or spa with a missing

or broken drain cover. Install anti-vortex drain covers to minimize the

risk of body and hair entrapment in the suction inlets, and consider

installing a Safety Vacuum Release System that will automatically shut off

a pump if a blockage is detected, Roe said.

* Make sure it's clean, not green

If your pool is green, that likely means the water could contain molds,

fungus, larvae, and other contaminants that could make those who use the

pool sick.

* Be cognizant of recalls and equipment reviews

Even by taking all of the proper preventative measures, not knowing if

certain parts of your pool are working properly can make your efforts null

and void, Roe said. Be sure to check sites such as CPSC and Consumer

Reports regularly for articles on recalls and reviews to ensure that your

pool's parts are all in tip top shape.

* Call in the professionals

Have a professional such as an American Leak Detection specialist

regularly inspect your pool or spa. Ask where the electrical cut-off

switch is for the pool or spa pump. This area should be marked clearly so

that, in an emergency, the water pump can be turned off immediately. In

addition, loose or falling tiles and pool deck cracks - signs that the

surrounding ground is being compromised by water and that there is a leak

in the pool system - can cause those using the pool to slip and fall.

When it comes to public pools and spas, residents can rest more assured

knowing they are safer because there are certain requirements public

places must implement, such as those in accordance with the Virginia

Graeme Baker Pool & Safety Act of 2007, enforcing safety requirements for

public pools and spas.

However, the safety measures of private, personal pools are controlled by

the homeowner.

"Residents should make good judgments before opening their pool for

members of their family or guests. Some of these good judgments include:

putting up a wall or fence at least four feet high around the pool; not

allowing unsupervised children in the pool; being sure that at least one

person in the household knows cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); not

using air-filled swimming aids as a substitute for approved life vests;

and keeping rescue equipment, such as life-saving flotation devices, and a

telephone by the pool in the event of an emergency," Roe said.

In addition to providing pool safety inspection services, the specialists

at American Leak Detection Serving Northern Illinois employ proprietary

methods and technology combined with quality equipment to detect hidden

pipe leaks behind walls and underground to prevent homes from requiring

major home repairs. Since 1974, American Leak Detection technicians have

found more than five million leaks in residential and commercial

buildings, saving customers millions of dollars, and supporting the

company's ongoing commitment to resource protection.

For more information about American Leak Detection, The Original Leak

Specialists, Serving Northern Illinois, contact Paul Roe at 815-652-1000.