Christmas Remembrance Service is at Speer Funeral Home

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Speer Christmas Remembrance Service will be held at Speer Funeral Home this year. This is the 10th year of the service which is normally held at the Aledo Cemetery.

Speer Funeral Home owner Annette Speer said the service is being moved to her funeral home because poor weather has affected the service the past two years.

"Some years as many as 60 people have turned out," said Speer. "It depends on the weather."

Speer encourages anyone who is interested to come out whether she performed the deceased loved ones memorial service or not. Everyone is welcome. "Everyone can take part," said Speer.

By moving the service indoors Speer hopes to encourage more people to take part.

This year's service will begin at 4 p.m. on Dec. 6 at the funeral home. Speer said the service will last about 30 minutes which is a little longer than when it was held outside. There will be refreshments afterwards.

"My dad makes wooden ornaments to hand out," said Speer. She said her two daughters will hand out ornaments to people who attend the service. "That will be their job," said Speer. She said her daughters like to take part in the ceremony as well and may read poetry.

Following the service those attending will be invited to the decorating and the lighting of a tree at Aledo Cemetery.

Speer said that she received permission from the city council to plant a tree at the cemetery 10 years ago. That tree, a Blue Spruce, has been joined by another one, planted by Aledo resident Ila Bertrand.

"We decorate both trees now," said Speer. Each year Speer decorates the trees with several weatherproof ornaments.

"There are several hundred now," said Speer. "There is no charge to put an ornament on the tree." Speer marks the weatherproof ornaments in non-erasable ink so a family or friend's loved one can be honored.

Speer said individuals can order ornaments the night of the service and the ornaments can be put on the tree afterward.

A "Holiday Help" handbook will also be available at the service or anytime for helping people with assistance during the holiday season.

For more information contact Speer at 582-5145.