U.S. Marine Michelle (Vinson) Baerman Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Ashlee Boers
U.S. Marine Michelle (Vinson) Baerman

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Michelle (Vinson) Baerman , wife of Sgt. Travis Baerman, the daughter of Ed Vinson and Ginger Jones of Keokuk, Iowa and granddaughter to Jack Stead and Bonnie Frieden from Joy has recently been selected to join the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer ranks.

Sgt Baerman has served in the Marine Corps for six years, and is currently completing a seven-month deployment in Iraq. Sgt Baerman competed with thousands of her peers to earn her promotion to Staff Sergeant, and won her selection due to her creditable job proficiency, 4th award expert rifle marksmanship, consistent high physical fitness scores, honorable leadership and loyalty to her country and to the Corps.

There are thousands of Sergeants trying to break into the Staff NCO ranks and this Marine has done it. Congratulations to her and her future endeavors.