WW II plane ride is shared

Karen Hartman/Contributor
This WW II AT-11 Bombing trainer flew over Galesburg and Aledo on Sunday, Nov. 8, as part of a Veteran's Day parade in Galesburg and birthday present in Aledo.

What kind of plane was that?

In case any one had that question on Sunday, here is the answer. It was an AT-11 World War II Bombing trainer. It was built in 1941 and about 90 percent of more than 45,000 USAAF bombardiers trained in At-11's. This particular one is owned by Mark and Celia Godsil of Galesburg and is flown by Mark.

On Sunday, Mark flew his special plane over the Veteran's Day Parade in Galesburg. On board were Larry and Karen Hartman of Aledo, Jody and Todd Hartman of Galva, and a special co-pilot, Rich DeBaugh, a veteran of WWII who flew more than 100 missions in the Pacific. The ride was an early Christmas present for Larry and Karen from their daughter and son-in-law, Jody and Todd.

After flying over the parade they enjoyed a great ride to Aledo and spotted their house from the air! It was a beautiful day for flying, not a cloud in the sky! Mark and Celia Godsil are exceptionally wonderful about sharing this vintage plane and the thrill of flying in it with other people. And, to have Rich on board made it even more special! All of the passengers enjoyed the trip tremendously and only had a couple of white knuckle moments!