Hadassah Caras Memorial Horse Show set for Saturday, Sept. 19

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

A horse show fund-raiser to honor Hadassah Caras, daughter of Napol and Alma Caras of Viola, will be Saturday, Sept 18, starting at 9 a.m. at Schone’s Friendship Farm, 15711 13th St., Milan. Judge of the show is Larry Carls; Trail judge is Charlie Martin. Show clothes are optional. There is an entry fee of $5 per class.

This is a memorial fund-raiser that will include raffles, 50-50 drawings, a lunch stand, bake sale and dunk tank.

Hadassah, 10, drowned in a farm pond over Memorial Day weekend at a family picnic near Viola. She was airlifted to St. Francis in Peoria and died on June 2.

"We're having lots of kids games, a dunk tank, cotton candy machine, pony rides, minnow races and other fun things for the kids," said Rollie Hutchinson, one of the organizers. "She was my student from riding lessons," he added.

Friends of the family decided to help the family with medical and funeral costs, and honor the little girl who had a love of horses.

The horse show has 36 classes, from halter, lead and pleasure classes to barrels, flags, pole bend and adult classes. There will also be used tack and show clothes for sale that day.

All donations and proceeds raised will go to Hadassah’s church, the First Apostolic Church of Viola, which will distribute the funds to the family, as well as set up a memorial at the church for the youth group in Hadassah’s name.

Anyone wishing more information can contact -- Rollie Hutchinson 309-526-8830; Ruth Wolter 309-373-1605; Brandon Dewitte 309-737-2896, Linda Pierson 309-373-4492 or Deb Beattie 309-235-1908.

Classes include:

1. Two year and under halter

2. Pony Halter – 56’ and under

3. Color breed halter

4. Mounted achievers - walk only

5. Stock-type halter

6. Light breed halter (Arabian, Saddlebred, Morgan, Paso Fino, Tennesee Walker_

7. Lead Line – 8 years and under, horse or pony

8. Mounted Achievers – Walk/trot,

LUNCH BREAK – Arena will be open to ride trail, which will be judged at this time

8. In hand trail

9. Walk trot youth

10. Walk trot adult

11. Light breed pleasure

12. Pony pleasure – 56 “ and under

13. Jack Benny – Doris Day pleasure – 39 years and over

14. Junior pleasure 12 years and younger

15. Senior pleasure 13-18 years – optional tack

16. Adult pleasure 19 years and older

17. Junior horse pleasure – 5 years and younger – optional tack

18. Color breed pleasure

19. Optional gait – walk, trot or lope

20. Oldies but goodies pleasure – 50 years and older

21. No first place day of show pleasure

22. Egg and spoon – 18 years and younger

23. Egg and spoon – 19 years and older

24. Ribbon Race – double entry (two trophies and ribbons)

25. Dizzy Cowboy

26. Exhibition barrels ($2 per run)

27. Pee wee barrels – 12 years and younger

28. Junior barrels – 13 – 18 years

29. Junior flags - 18 and younger

30. Senior barrels – 19 and older

31. Senior flags – 19 and older

32. Pee wee pole bending – 12 years and younger

33. Junior pole bending – 13 – 18 years

34. Senior  pole bending – 19 and older

35. Plug Race

36. Texas key hole