Students help out Andalusia

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter
Students from Rockridge Junior/Senior High School helped with sandbagging in Andalusia on Friday, March 25.

More than 300 tons of sand was hauled to an Andalusia Shed next to Andalusia Elementary School. On Friday, March 25, three shifts of 50 students for each shift dug into the sand and transfered it into sturdy plastic sandbags. Digging, tieing and moving sandbags is some hefty work.

The sandbags were then hauled from the shed to a bridge on 2nd Ave. West, where the Mississippi River sometimes backfills to threaten the village of around 1,100 residents.

The Village of Andalusia maintenance department shores up the levee at 2nd Ave. more than once a season. "Last year we did it three times," said Joe Dungan, maintenance supervisor.