Black Hawk College launches new logo, website

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

In 1946, Black Hawk College was founded as Moline Community College. In 1962, it became the first junior college district in Illinois and was renamed Black Hawk College after Black Sparrow Hawk, a war leader of the Sauk tribe. Since then, Black Hawk College has become a leader in higher education in western Illinois.

On April 4, 2011, the college launched a new visual identity with the introduction of a new Black Hawk College logo. It was important that the new logo incorporate elements of the college's rich Native American heritage and be symbolic of its mission and vision for the future.

For the Sauk tribe, the hawk is a sacred bird, and the sparrow hawk is the rarest and most sacred of all hawks. For this reason the college chose to feature the sparrow hawk in the new logo.

East was an important direction to the Sauk as it represented not only the rising sun but a source of growth and renewed life. Black Hawk College provides the opportunity for growth and renewed life. For this reason the head of the sparrow hawk faces east in the new logo.

The flame or torch is often used to symbolize education or intellectual growth. The new logo features a wing which extends upward so that an open flame may be seen in its design. By combining the symbolic flame into the wing, the completed logo tells the story of the past and shares an exciting vision for the future.

Visit the college's website at www.bhc.edu, which has been redesigned. This website provides access to almost 100 links within one click of the homepage. The online college-credit class schedule is an interactive flip book, and the new video spotlight will feature commercials.

The new Quick Links - in red at the top of every web page - helps students quickly access the main areas they need to get started at Black Hawk College, such as Admissions, Advising, BHC News, Pay for College and On Campus.