Too Young To Kill

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Kensington Publishing Corp. announces the August 2011 release of Too Young To Kill, by acclaimed investigative journalist, crime expert, Investigation Discovery host and nationally bestselling author M. William Phelps. In this provocative true story, Phelps explores the case that captivated the media in 2005, when the friendship between four Goth kids consumed by jealousy and a vicious sexual triangle came to a tragic, gruesome end.

On January 21, Adrianne Reynolds, a troubled teenage girl in East Moline was strangled in Moline and dismembered at a farm in Millersburg by her friends Sarah Kolb, Cory Gregory and Nathan Gaudet. In Too Young to Kill, Phelps tells the full story behind this disturbing murder, from the day that Adrianne was murdered in a Taco Bell parking lot, to after the three teenagers responsible for her death were tried, convicted and sentenced.

With 16 pages of exclusive photos and the captivating investigative journalism that made him a star, Phelps adroitly weaves together the heartbreaking, horrific and ultimately senseless elements of this story, along with the engrossing drama of the police investigation and trial. He also brilliantly depicts the insular world of the teen Goth kids involved and the emotions and obsessions that consumed them, as well as how their yearnings for intimacy escalated from petty resentments to monstrous rage.

Through interviews with law enforcement, witnesses, friends and family of the victim, and a number of sources who wished to remain anonymous, Phelps illuminates the best and the worst of human nature in this drama of powerful passions, cold-blooded murder, and teen angst. Too Young to Kill is a gripping story of passion and murder told the way only M. William Phelps can - through his uniquely compelling storytelling skills, the shocking accounts that he draws from his witnesses, and as personal investment as someone whose own sister was the victim of a violent murder. Phelps stalks the dark stories of murderers and gets inside their minds, bringing their crimes - and their victims - back to life in haunting detail.