Court temporarily bars use of dirt bikes at Cable property

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Two weeks after a large group of Cable homeowners complained to the County Board about a noisy overused dirt bike track the matter was in County. Mercer County State's Attorney Greg McHugh, on June 1, filled a two county ordinance violations alleging such a track, operating over 20 days a month was improper in a residential area. Local homeowners complained that for years the bikes were an unbearable loaned nuisance and the dirt bikes a hazard on the streets.

In their first court appearance June 21, the landowners Jeff and icky Walsh were given time to consult an attorney and consider their options. Judge Greg Chrickris also ordered them not to allow dirt bikes and ATV riding on the track at their property in Cable. Mercer County Sheriff Tom Thompson has also increased patrols in the Cable area to stop any illegal off terrain vehicles driving on the roads.

Next court date is Aug. 2, 2012.