Dancing With The Stars

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The 2012 Dancing with the Stars event will be held on Saturday, September 29th at the Mercer County High School Auditorium.  There will be 2 shows:  4:30 and 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are $8 each and are on sale now at the following businesses:  Mercer Market, McKnight Pharmacy, Wagner Pharmacy and Stut’s Drug Store.  Tickets are also available from any of the Dancers, Instructors or Committee members.  With such a positive response from last year’s show, we anticipate 2 sold out shows.  People are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.  

The following is a listing of the 2012 Dancing with the Stars competitors:

    Heather Douglas & Derek Dixon    Instructor-Jenny Russell

    Raeann Latko & Myron Higgins    Instructor-Susie Adams

    Amy Welch & Steve McLaren    Instructor-Myrna Matlick

    Jamie Breeden & Steve Blaser    Instructor-Janie Patten

    Jen Miller & Chuck Clawson        Instructor-LeeAnn Baldwin

    Jaclyn Staley & Jeff Benson        Instructor-Amanda Myers

    Heather Roeder & Paul Flint        Instructor-Arlene Bewley

    Tonia Lee & Jeremy Finch        Instructor-April Plohr

    Maggy Terrill & Trenton Higgins    Instructor-Maggy Terrill

    Randi Russell & John Hoscheidt    Instructor-Molly Dietmeier

    Pam Dillavou & Michael Clark    Instructor-Pam Dillavou

    Stefanie Carey & Mick Louck    Instructor-Miranda Boss

The twist to this competition is that the winning couple receiving the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy will not be chosen by their talent or technique, but by which couple raises the most money in their pre-fundraising efforts and voting boxes at the shows.  All contestants are currently pre-fundraising and forms can be found on several websites;   www.wrmj.com, www.mercerschools.org,  www.aledotimesrecord.com,  www.aledomainstreet.com and on Facebook – Mercer County “Dancing with the Stars”.  Just click on the links, print the form, fill it out and mail it in or give it to the Contestant.  You can vote for more than 1 couple on the form, just circle the couples you are voting for and designate how much by each picture.  All donations will go towards the Mercer County High School Track & Field Project.   The Committee says, “VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN”!

Last year’s event raised $24,000 and the audience could not have been happier…  they cheered, clapped, made signs, gave a standing ovation and seemed to genuinely and thoroughly enjoy themselves!  

So, let’s get this year’s event started on the right foot (hee-hee).  Buy your tickets early, get your voting started NOW, and come enjoy some fantastic entertainment with your family and friends!