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How much do you know about what's going on in your community? You missed a lot if you missed reading the Pocono Record every day last week.

Here's a quiz to test your knowledge:

1. Forty-five jobs will be lost as an international maker of cleaning supplies closes a plant in Monroe County. Name the company and the town.

2. Middle Smithfield Township Supervisors are expected to decide on a controversial project this week. What is it?

3. A Stroudsburg man will stand trial in May for a bizarre crime involving his wife's car and a 12-year-old boy. What is it?

4. State troopers recently began patrolling the hallways of two public buildings. What are they and why?

5. A Stroudsburg High School student got in trouble for wearing something that officials interpreted as a gang symbol. What was it?

6. A statewide amateur sporting event came to the Poconos for the first time Friday and five local athletes competed. What was it?

7. A multi-media show at East Stroudsburg University explored what growing problem among men?

8. Some homeowners face a risk from raccoons, squirrels and other animals in spring. What is it?

9. Shawnee Tabernacle Church got a big gift from a local chiropractor. What was it?

10. Friday's high temperature in East Stroudsburg tied the 1977 record. How warm was it?

11. The new color of parking tickets in Stroudsburg is designed to get the attention of motorists. What is it?

12. A 74-year-old man was pulled from Pocono Lake after what unusual mishap?

13. A Stroudsburg High School grad was eliminated from what "reality show" recently?

For answers, see page B3.

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Here are the answers to the Flashback News Quiz on page B1: 1. JohnsonDiversey will close its East Stroudsburg plant. 2. Cingular Wireless wants to put up a single-pole cell tower in the Wooddale area of Middle Smithfield Township. 3. Osama Alsharife is accused of paying a youngster to torch his wife's car. 4. East Stroudsburg North and Pocono Mountain East high schools now have state troopers as school resource officers to work with students and maintain order. 5. A 15-year-old student's bandage showing Clifford the Big Red Dog was interpreted as a red symbol of the Bloods gang. 6. Golden Gloves tournament 7. Body image and pursuit of the perfect male physique. 8. Animals climb into uncapped chimneys to nest. 9. Chiropractor Cirino Sestro donated fitness equipment. 10. 70 degrees 11. Parking tickets issued by the borough's new computerized system are bright pink. 12. Francis Priaino was riding his bike on Pocono Lake and fell through thin ice. 13. Ankur Mehta was bumped after five rounds of cuts on "Beauty and the Geek," but he still hopes to win a Nobel Prize now that he's back to grad school. To subscribe, call 570 421-3003.

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