SUPER Saturday Events for September and October at the Family Museum

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Saturdays are super at the Family Museum! Bring the family for loads of fun each and every Saturday when the Family Museum will feature a fun and educational activity or entertainment event designed for families to enjoy together. These activities are included with Family Museum admission or membership and no preregistration is required. Just arrive and join in the fun! Events are scheduled from 10 a.m. – noon and 1–3 p.m..

• Football Day - September 11

Celebrate the annual Iowa vs. Iowa State football faceoff with football-themed activities. Don’t forget to wear your team colors!

• Talk like a Pirate Day - September 18

Ahoy, mateys!  Walk the plank, wear an eye-patch, get your sea legs, make your own Jolly Roger, search for pirate booty, and learn to talk like a pirate, of course!

• Family Health & Fitness Day - September 25

Take part in active family games to promote fun fitness. Learn about healthy habits that help the whole family grow and thrive.

• World Farm Animals Day - October 2

Moo, oink, cluck, and baa with all the farm critters! Make farm animal crafts, mix up some butter, and weave with some real wool.

• World Space Week - October 9

Turn your eyes to the sky to celebrate World Space Week. Learn about rockets, stars, planets, and more as we take a trip to outer space.

• Bridge Day - October 16

Bridges come in many shapes and sizes. Build your own bridge from straw, tape, and paper then test its strength.

• National Mole Day - October 23

National Mole Day is dedicated to Avogadro’s Number. What’s that? Come see us to find out and try your hand at many great chemistry experiments, too!

• International Magic Week - October 30

Meet a magician, learn some simple magic tricks, and try your hand at prestidigitation – sleight of hand, that is.