Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Brings the Wild to Sandburg Mall

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Take a walk on the wild side with Big Cat Rescue Entertainment’s prestigious exotic animal exhibit and powerful educational message at Sandburg Mall.

BCRE, a non-profit organization will have exotic animals you can see, play with, and learn about.  Some of the aniimals include a baby liger (lion/tiger hybrid), baby bear, ring-tailed lemur, baby tigers, a  baby kangaroo, and other exotics from the rainforest and beyond.

Big Cat Rescue Entertainment travels year-round spreading its message and educating the public about the dangers of owning exotics that grow to an unwanted size, why exotic animals do not belong with private owners, how communities , and especially our next generations, can help preserve our environment and protect endangered species.  The team hopes to raise money for organizations who take in and house abused, neglected, and unwanted exotic animals that have been in captivity.

The non-profit organization also educates and helps those who have exotics to better care for their animals so those animals, too, do not become unwanted.  It is their hope that through these efforts they can educate the world about these majestic creatures and prevent more from becoming a statistic or casualties of abuse and neglect.

The exhibit will be open during mall hours beginning March 31 through April 2.  Admission is free and for a small donation, you can play with and have your photo taken with a baby tiger!  All proceeds benefit the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of unwanted exotic animals.

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